Interesting, Instagram Add Filter Stories to Photos and Videos

Instagram Add a Story Filter to Photos and Videos – Of course you are familiar with the Instagram application. Yes this social media does offer a variety of very interesting features in it and continues to make feature updates to better pamper its users.

This social media is indeed synonymous with Story, filters, and advertisements. On Instagram you can share stories to do promotions with advertisements in them. In addition, the filter features offered are similar to Snapchat when taking photos and videos for your story and now Instagram has added the option to use these filters after the story is created.

For example, when you record funny videos and you think to give the finishing touches like rabbit ears or so now, you can then make silly gifs that are made even more ridiculous because they are added with large open mouths and more interesting animations that you can edit. now.

If at any time you want to record perfect video for the umpteenth time or reset your camera shot again to apply the previous filter. Of course all of that can be done after you polish the content to the extreme.

This option has appeared on the latest version of Instagram and seems to be available for all application versions of the device. To use it, you can simply upload any photos or videos on Instagram Story and tap the smiley face icon with the star above so you will immediately be taken to the filter selector where you can choose the animation and apply it.

The choices seem to be a little limited when compared to instant shooting filters, but there are still a number of classic themes with luster, shine, rabbit ears, and more. In addition there are also features that minimize when you combine two non-interconnected photos.

Thus the review on Instagram can now add silly story filters to existing images or videos, hopefully the above reviews can be useful information for you, especially active Instagram users, and so good luck!


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