Watch Korean Drama Touch Your Heart 2020 – The Korean drama Touch Your Heart has entered episode 16, which can be said to be the end of the drama episode. The drama series has aired on Indonesian TV channel Trans TV.

A short synopsis of the drama Touch Your Heart, played by Yoon Seo and Jung Rok, is enjoying their life together. But it was unexpected that Yoon Seo’s overseas shooting schedule was speeded up and they were only given one day before leaving.

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An unexpected event appeared, Se Won and Yoe Reum had planned a blind date for Jung Rok.

When Se Won moved to Yeo Reum and Jung Seok’s residence, he unexpectedly knew that Yoon Seo and Jung Rok had a close relationship. Meanwhile, while abroad, Yoon Seo was involved in a scandalous problem with his co-star.

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