Watch and Download Korean Drama Lonely Enough to Love 2020 – The most recent Korean drama released in August 2020 is Lonely Enough to Love, But I Hate Being lovely or commonly known as Lonely Enough to Love.

This drama has a light plot and the players are handsome and beautiful.

Synopsis of Korean Drama Lonely Enough to Love 2020

The Korean drama Lonely Enough to Love tells of a man and woman who live together at home. They have a feeling of wanting to date, but they don’t want to get serious in a relationship.

They also like to be free, but don’t want to feel lonely. Cha Kang Woo who is a single man aged 30 years and works as a psychiatrist.

He is handsome and attractive, but he is afraid of romantic relationships because of the trauma in his past. His life began to change when he met a woman and in the end he had feelings for her.

Watch and Download Korean Drama Alice 2020

The woman is named Lee Na Fun, who is a freelance copy editor. He has a generous nature towards others but he has zero tolerance for justice.

He has dreams of becoming a novelist one day. Because she is a career woman, so there is no time to date and has no boyfriend for 4 years.

Want to know the rest of the story, the following is Watch Korean Drama Lonely Enough to Love 2020. Please use it wisely.

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Watch Korean Drama Lonely Enough to Love 2020

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