Watch and Download Korean Drama 18 Again 2020 – The famous actor named Lee Do Hyun is back to enliven the Korean drama world today. this time, he starred in a romantic drama.

The drama 18 Again is a romantic drama genre and is mixed with fantasy. Lee Do Hyun will compete acting with senior Kim Ha-neul.

18 Again tells about a household life Jung Da Jung (Kim Ha-neul) he married young to Hong Dae-young. They are blessed with children named Hong Shi-A and Hong Shi Woo.

Brief Synopsis of Korean Drama 18 Again 2020

Jung Da-Jung is a very kind and generous junior announcer. She had decided on her career because she wanted to focus on being a wife and taking care of her mother at home.

However, she was impatient with her husband’s behavior. The worst condition ever for Hong Dae-Young to be fired from his job. Jung Da-Jung also filed for divorce from Hong Dae-Young.

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At that time, Hong Dae-Young felt himself useless when he was 37 years old. He regretted what he had done so far. he later changed his name to Ko Woo-Young. After changing his name, he felt a little happy because he won the basketball champion when he was young.

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