Watch and Download Korean Drama The School Nurse Files 2020 – The latest Korean drama series entitled The School Nurse Files which has aired on September 25, 2020 on Netflix. The series will also star Jung Yu-Mi and Nam Joo-huk as the main characters.

This Korean drama is a fantasy genre adapted from a novel written by Chung Se-rang and directed by Lee Kyoung-mi (Crush and Blush, The Truth Beneath).

Synopsis of Korean Drama The School Nurse Files 2020

Tells the story of Ahn Eun-Young (Jung Yu-mi), a nurse who works at a school and has the special ability to see supernatural beings.

Many strange events that disturbed the school prompted Eun-Young to be eager to solve the mystery that occurred.

As the only person who can see supernatural beings, Eun-young faces the biggest challenge of her life when it comes to investigating them.

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Time passes and Eun-young is met by In-pyo, who turns out to both have special powers that can protect her.

With the help of a man who has become a mysterious incident at school as well as being the healer, Eun-young fights against these creatures to defend the school and its students.

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Watch Korean Drama The School Nurse Files 2020

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