Watch and Synopsis of Korean Drama Start Up Eps 15 – It doesn’t feel like the popular Korean drama titled Start Up will enter its final episode. The drama, starring Bae Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Seon Ho and Kang Han Na.

This last episode will air episode 15 on Saturday (5/12/2020) and the last episode, episode 16 on Sunday (6/12/2020).

Synopsis Korean Drama Start Up Eps 15

Start-Up is a Korean drama set in a fictional South Korean version of Silicon Valley, where young people struggle to achieve success in the startup world.

Suzy plays the character Seo Dal Mi, an adventurer who dreams of becoming the Steve Jobs from Korea. Meanwhile, Nam Joo Hyuk will take on the role of the founder of Samsan Tech, Nam Do San.

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Kim Seon Ho as Han Ji Pyeong, the senior team leader of SH Venture Capital. Kang Han Na as Won In Jae is Dal Mi’s older brother who was separated since childhood, and is now her boss at Injae Company.

Last week’s episode told of the changes in the lives of Dal Mi, Do San, and Ji Pyeong after 3 years Samsan Tech broke up. Han Ji Pyeong is now the managing director.

Nam Do San has become an engineer in Silicon Valley along with Kim Yong San (Kim Do Wan) and Lee Chul San (Yoo Su Bin). Even though he used to be a rival, Seo Dal Mi is now the CEO of Won In Jae’s company.

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