Watch and Synopsis of Korean Drama Last Eps 16 Start Up – The Korean drama Start Up has aired its last 16 episode on the night of Sunday (6/12/2020) on tvN.

In its last broadcast, it won a pretty good rating. Successfully achieved ratings of 4.9 and 5.2 percent for their respective shares on a national scale, as well as 5.2 percent.

Followed by the drama that aired that night entitled The Uncanny Counter (OCN), which won a high rating of around 6.7 percent and led the drama’s peak.

The weekend drama, Homemade Love Story (KBS2) increased in popularity by 29.7 percent and 31.6 percent for its parts, respectively.

Synopsis of Korean Drama Last Eps 16 Start Up

The Start Up drama tells the story of a woman who has successfully entered the business world and is able to build a start-up business.

His dream finally came true, such as becoming Stece Jobs. Seo Dal Mi is a young girl who does odd jobs in the hope that the company she founded can move forward.

Meanwhile, Nam Do San is the founder of Samsan Tech. He loves coding and knitting, and he is the pride of his family, because in the past Nam Do San had won the Mathematics Competition Olympiad.

In this 16th Episode, Nam Do San overcomes a reporter who wants to punish them with the Cheong Myeong Company hacking case some time ago.

Watch and Synopsis of Korean Drama Start Up Eps 15

Meanwhile, Dal M and DO San’s relationship also improved when the two had decided to date. However, on the other hand Han Ji Pyeong is selling his feelings for Seo Dal Mi.

The Nam Do San and Seo Dal Mi teams worked hard to participate in the DO Group tender by creating unique business ideas.

When participating in the Group tender they did not expect to win, because so many participants participated.

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