Watch and Synopsis of Korean Drama Tale of the Nine Tailed Eps 6 – 10 – Drama Tale of the Nine Tailed episode 10 will air tonight, Thursday (5/11/2020) at 22.30 KST or 20.30 WIB on tvN. This Korean drama, starring Lee Dong Wook and Kim Beom, can also be watched streaming via the VIU channel. In the previous episode, Lee Yeon and Lee Rang fought against the spirits on a mysterious hill. The two of them fought fiercely until they were exhausted and almost gave up.

Synopsis Drama Korea Tale of the Nine Tailed Eps 6 – 10

Lee Yeon realizes that they are not in a real hill of curious spirits, but only in Lee Rang’s realm of fear and the only way to get out of the forest is to control Lee Rang’s mind. Due to exhaustion, Lee Rang was about to give up and did not want to continue their journey looking for an exit. However, Lee Yeon reminded him that giving up means dying. After having an argument with Lee Yeon, Lee Rang finally decided to continue his journey until he managed to see the exit. However, the door was on the other side of the abyss.

Watch and Synopsis of Korean Drama Tale of the Nine Tailed Eps 1 – 5

When about to jump over the cliff, Lee Yeon heard the sound of the spirits approaching. Lee Yeon finally decided not to jump in to block the attack of the spirits.

Lee Yeon’s decision succeeded in saving Lee Rang and bringing him back to the real world. Meanwhile Lee Yeon moves into her own realm of fear, which is a stretch of empty land that depicts loneliness and solitude.

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Watch Korean Drama Tale of the Nine Tailed Eps 6 – 10

Here are episodes 6 to 10:







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