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In episode 4 of the Korean drama entitled True Beauty, it was adapted by the Webtoon story.

Previously in episode 3, it turned out that Su Ho already knew Ju Kyung’s real face when he wasn’t wearing make-up. Even though at first, Su Ho intended to tease Kyung so he could apologize to him.

Meanwhile, Seo Jun keeps asking for his helmet back from Kyung.

In episode 4 this time, Su Ho was in a comic book shop without anyone’s company. But unlike usual, the expression on Su Ho’s face seemed to be thinking about something that no one else could know. Because the relationship between Ju Kyung and Su Ho has improved and has no problems.

Ju Kyung offers to be Su Ho’s place to vent. She happily listened to all the complaints Su Ho was experiencing.

Synopsis and Watch the Latest Korean Drama Eps 3 True Beauty

Seo Jun apparently sees the closeness between Su Ho and Ju Kyung in terms of relationships that are not like ordinary friends. With a relaxed and calm tone, Seo Jun wanted to confirm if SU Ho liked Ju Kyung. The relationship between Su Ho, Ju Kyung, and Seo Jun turns out to be a successful topic of conversation and gossip in the school environment.

How does the story continue? Let’s watch it live in Episode 4.

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