Watch and Synopsis of Korean Drama The Uncanny Counter Eps 1 – The latest Korean drama released this year is titled The Uncanny Counter, starring Se-jeong and Cho Byeong-gyu.

The drama The Uncanny Counter has aired in November 2020. This drama genre combines criminal and supernatural stories. The following is a synopsis of the Korean drama The Uncanny Counter.

Synopsis of Korean Drama The Uncanny Counter Eps 1

The Uncanny Counter tells the story of superheroes who are famous as counters who disguise themselves in schools and noodle restaurants to hunt down evil spirits who come to earth in order to live eternally.

Counters have different talents and different powers that allow them to survive the attacks of evil spirits.

So Moon, a high school student, has become the youngest member of the Counter Community. He has been equipped with extraordinary strength but on the other hand his parents died due to a suspicious car accident. Until his parents died and his left leg was lame.

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Meanwhile, Ga Mo-tak from Counter member who has extraordinary intelligence and is good at intellectual. He is a police officer who lost his memory due to an accident.

In working, Counter must also involve humans, Yani Do Ha-na who has unique abilities compared to other members. He was able to feel demonic power that came from afar.

Want to know the rest of the story? Next watch the Korean drama The Uncanny Counter Eps 1. Please use it wisely.

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Watch Korean Drama The Uncanny Counter Eps 1 2020

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