Watch Korean Drama True Beauty Eps 1 Aired on December 9 – The Korean drama True Beauty which aired at Eps 1 on tvN on December 9, 2020. Reported by Nielsen Korea, the first episode managed to penetrate 3.573 percent with a peak of 3.8 percent.

The drama recorded an average rating of 4.056 percent in the Seoul area with a pale 4.3 percent. Although not as big as the ratings on the previous drama, Tale of The Nine Tailed ended at 5 percent.

You can watch True Beauty Eps 1 on VIU or on our website.

Synopsis of Korean Drama True Beauty

This drama tells of a Lim Ju Kyeong who doesn’t want his face to be revealed without using make up. She then falls in love with a man who knows what if her face is not covered with makeup.

Meanwhile, Lee Su Ho is a school student who is smart and perfect. Although Su Ho has often gotten a lot of attention wherever he goes, he is the type of person who doesn’t care about the circumstances that attract him.

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Although his face had such a bad temper, but when Su Ho was embarrassed, his face immediately turned red. Meanwhile, when Su Ho is confused he always reveals everything on his mind.

True Beauty takes an adapted story from Webtoon with the popular title of the same. Webtoon True Beauty has successfully launched a story that has many Korean drama fans. The virtual casting event for True Beauty became the topic of conversation.

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Watch Korean Drama True Beauty Eps 1


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