Watch Korean Drama Edition Start Up Eps 4 – The synopsis of the Korean drama Start Up in its 4th episode begins with an atmosphere of registration for the 12th Sand Box membership.

It started when Seo Dal Mi fell asleep at her desk. His grandmother goes into Dal Mi’s room to wake him up. Dal Mi quickly wakes up and says that she has come up with some business ideas. This then made his grandmother think of Dal Mi’s father. A very unforgettable Dal Mi memory while building her business.

At that time, Dal Mi immediately told her grandmother what she was thinking to get an idea. However, his grandmother is worried that Dal Mi is afraid that she will have the same fate as her father.

Meanwhile, On the other hand, In Jae, who feels betrayed by his own father and his stepbrother, must struggle to start his business all over again. In Jae has started a new business with four of his friends. He often conducts gatherings and member meetings at his mother’s hotel. In Jae’s mother doesn’t agree if In Jae goes into the Sand Box.

The beginning of the meeting of the Samsan Tech team members which made this story even more exciting. Dal Mi who is looking for reference books about the business world. He found books about the Sand Box. Suddenly a woman came and blocked him when he wanted to take the book. The woman makes an agreement to ask Dal Mi to make a bet. Dal Mi offers the woman 1,000 won for the woman to release the book that Dal Mi wants to buy. Then, the woman gave her book even though there were still many other books in stock.

Then Dal Mi came home by taking the bus, that’s when suddenly Do San came and chased Dal Mi by entering the bus. He said, Do San wanted to accompany Dal Mi to get home safely, and on the way, they both showed intimacy with Dal Mi holding Do San’s hand and then said that she liked Do San’s hand.

Watch Korean Drama Start Up Eps 4

How does the story continue? Let’s watch it live in Episode 3.

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