Watch Korean Drama Edition Start Up Eps 5 – In the 5th eps Korean drama synopsis, we will see the development of the relationship between Seo Dal Mi, Nam Do San.

In this connection Dal Mi already finds out about Do San who is not CEO Success. But he was confused why JI Pyeong wanted to help Do San so he could lie that far.

In the early episode, it was shown that Do San was contemplating while thinking about the future of Samsan Tech’s headquarters.

Then he confided and told Chul San and Yong San about the many things Dal Mi liked about him, only his hands matched reality.

Yong San rushes to encourage Do San that the hand he has has an important role. Through these hands, humans can create everything. However Do San still feels inferior.

But on the other hand Dal Mi tells that Do San’s hand has a big meaning to her and her grandmother heard about it. Dal Mi also feels that she is nothing to Do San. However, he became more enthusiastic and ambitious to set up his own company.

Where Han Jin Pyeong panics that his secret will be revealed, knowing this Dal Mi and Do San met on a television program called Sand Box Residency, Ji Pyeong immediately went to the location with a special mentor shirt.

He was curious about Do San, then he asked if his secret was revealed. Do san calmly said no at all.

Watch Korean Drama Start Up Eps 5

How does the story continue? Let’s watch it live in Episode 5.

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