Start Up Eps 9 Korean Drama Watching Edition: Lies 15 Years Ago Revealed – The Korean drama Start Up has entered its 9th episode broadcast. In this 9th episode, the main topic was revealed lies 15 years ago.

In Episode 9, the audience will be shown how Do San can win the math Olympiad. Do San was cheating on someone whose answer paper was blown by the wind. Finally Do San saw the answer without the person knowing.

From there Do San can win the Olympics, but feelings of guilt haunt Do San. Because his father always makes Do San proud in front of his family because Do San is a genius child.

The father also gave Do San enough hope and kept putting pressure on Do San mentally until he finally lost his confidence. So, when Do san met Seo Dal Mi, he started to feel comfortable and started to regain confidence.

Do San’s mother is disappointed about the win, not because Do San cheated. However, because Do San was not honest with his mother from the start.

It also ends up being related to the CEO of Samsan Tech being Seo Dal Mi, Not Nam Do San. Nam’s father was very disappointed that he had invested in Samsan Tech after all.

Watch Korean Drama Start Up Eps 9

How does the story continue? Let’s watch it live in Episode 9.

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