Synopsis and Watch Korean Drama True Beauty Eps 12: Ju Kyung’s Real Face Revealed! – The Korean drama True Beauty has entered the 12th episode which has aired on (21/1/2021) at 22.00.

In the previous episode, Su Ho heard that Se Yeon had become a victim to cover up a love affair scandal. This case turns out to be related to Su Ho’s father. Se Yeon, who was reported as a bully, received harsh criticism from netizens.

Then not long after that Su Ho, who finally found out the cause of his friend’s death, went into shock. Then he left his father’s agency building. Seo Jun who saw Su Ho come out of the building immediately chased him.

But unexpected events, Su Ho and Seo Jun get hit by a car. The two of them were immediately rushed to the hospital by Ambulance.

On the other hand, Ju Kyung muses up the courage to say that she and Su Ho are already dating. But no wonder, Soo Jun knew about the relationship from the start. So Jin, who had been harboring resentment because her loved one had to take care of her own best friend.

But on this 12th episode, Su Ho and Ju Kyung are getting closer. They have started getting comfortable with each other. Ju Kyung also helps out with Su Ho’s insomnia by making him little dolls.

Su Ho with the initiative to compose a song and get support from Seo Jun. The two of them started to get back close to how they used to be, but there was still a sense of awkwardness due to insomnia.

But Soo Jin continues to force himself to be close to Su Ho. Su Ho firmly said that Soo Jin is dating Ju Kyung. Those words made Soo Jin’s heart hurt even more.

Nonton Drama Korea True Beauty Episode 12

How does the story continue? Let’s watch it live in Episode 12.

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