Synopsis and Watch Korean Drama True Beauty Eps 7 – The Korean drama True Beauty has entered its 7th episode on Wednesday (6/1/2021) at 20.30 WIB.

In the men’s list in episode 7, the title Ju Kyung’s heart always beats whenever he sees Suho. Unfortunately, he already knows that Soo Ho has liked someone else.

On the other hand, Hyung Jin, a great baseball player at SAM Seonil, has confessed his feelings to Ju Kyung. Setelha finds out that Seo Jun and Soo Ho also feel the same love for Ju Kyung.

Synopsis Drama Korea True Beauty Episode 7

Ju Kyung immediately leaves after seeing a baseball game with her friend, Choi Soo Ah. At that time, one of the baseball team members is stunned to see the beauty of Ju Kyung’s face.

The next day, Ju Kyung and Soo Ah plan to go back to watching the baseball game and agree that they can keep their match schedule a secret from Soo Ah’s boyfriend.

At that time, Suu Hoo heard the conversation and immediately showed signs of jealousy. On the day of the match, Su Ho and Soo Ah, Tae Hoon suddenly appeared and sat beside Soo Ah and Ju Kyung’s chairs. Unexpectedly, Su Hoo’s jealousy showed even more when a baseball player approached him and asked for his number.

Tae Hoon, who had noticed Soo Ho’s change in attitude, went straight to him. At that time, Tae Hoo immediately gave advice, if you want to attract a woman, then make her heart or feeling flutter.

Some of the romantic scenes show the change in Su Ho’s attitude towards becoming warm and caring towards Ju Kyung. Su Ho even gave him a gift of hairpins.

Nonton Drama Korea True Beauty Episode 7

How does the story continue? Let’s watch it live in Episode 7.

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