Watch and Synopsis of Korean Drama Lovestruck in the City Eps 1 – The latest Korean drama entitled Lovestruck in the city became popular, starring Ji Chang Wook.

This drama is one of the shows awaited by Drakor lovers. Not only handsome actors who play here. However they will be paired with beautiful actresses. Lovestruck in the City, directed by Park Shin Woo. He has successfully directed previous dramas such as It’s Okay to Not Be Okay and Ecounter.

This drama, not only presents the Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won pair. However, three pairs will be presented at once. The second pair, namely, Kim Min Suk and So Ju Yeon. The third partner is Ryu Kyong Soo and Jan Ji Eun.

The story of his first partner is Park Jae Won (Ji Chang Wook), a romantic and passionate architect. A year earlier, there was a woman who was called a ‘camera thief’ by himself. The woman managed to melt her heart, but, after that the woman disappeared as if swallowed by the earth. Until now, even Park Jae Won couldn’t forget him.

Meanwhile Kim Ji Won plays two characters at once. The first is Lee Eun Oh as a freelance marketing person who is fun and not afraid to speak his mind. And the second is Yoon Sun Ah who has a crazy side in her and has a free spirit. Yon Sun Ah’s character appears when Jae Won meets Eun Oh and gets acquainted. Then Eun Oh, introducing himself as Sun Ah.

The second partner is Choi Kyung Joon (Kim Min Suk), a man who is cynical but is a romantic lover to his partner. Seo Rin Yi (So Ju Yeon) here has a unique character. Kyung Joon is told as a bucin man or love slave, who really loves one woman, Rin Yi.

Watch Korean Drama Lovestruck in the City Eps 1

How does the story continue? Let’s watch it live in Episode 1.

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