Watch Korean Drama Edition Start Up Eps 10: Did Nam Do San Found Out? – The Korean drama from Start Up has entered its 10th episode which has aired on Sunday (11/15/2020).

You can watch this Korean drama on Netflix.

In the 10th episode, it tells about Seo Dal Mi who cried. He knows that Nam Do San and Han Ji Pyung have been lied to all this time.

Even on the other end of the phone, Do San can’t deny the accusations that Dal Mi has made. Ji Pyung himself tries to explain what he did to him and why he did it.

Ji Pyung also denies that everything Do San did to Dal Mi was sincere in his heart. However, Dal Mi still doesn’t believe it because since awa they have all been filled with lies.

Do San and Dal Mi finally met to solve the problem. Do San immediately knelt in front of Dal Mi, crying to admit his mistake.

At the meeting Do San immediately apologized to Dal Mi. Do San said that when he was with Dal Mi everything he did was so fun that he always failed to reveal the truth.

From there, of course, Dal Mi is so disappointed with Do San with his confession. Although Do San said he was tortured that all this time he had to cover up his lies in front of Dal Mi and had to become the Do San that Dal Mi knew.

Watch Korean Drama Start Up Eps 10

How does the story continue? Let’s watch it live in Episode 10.

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