Watch Korean Drama Edition Start Up Eps 3 –  The 3rd episode of the Korean drama Start Up begins with a flashback to the role of Nam Do San.

When Nam Do San wants to meet with Dal Mi to give the baseball that Dal Mi ordered earlier. Suddenly, Ji Pyeong quickly pulled him and immediately grabbed Do San’s hand. Do San then wonders why Ji Pyeong did this and can tell if he will meet with Dal Mi, even though he did not tell anyone except his close friends.

Ji Pyeong grabs Do San’s hand and immediately forces him to leave the place. However, Do San doesn’t want to go straight away and still wants to meet Dal Mi first to give him the baseball.

Then Do san and Ji Pyeong went to the Samsan Tech office, the place where Do san and his friends worked. While on the way Ji Pyeong shows the letters from Dal Mi when they were written 15 years ago. Ji Pyeong told Do San to read it immediately.

Do San doesn’t understand what’s in the letter, and why was the letter addressed to him? Even though he never sent a letter to anyone in 15 years ago. Do San doesn’t understand the contents of the letter at all.

The story continues at the atmosphere of the relationship party when suddenly Do San to his mother and In Jae as his girlfriend. He ran his own business and co-founded it under the company name Samsan Tech.

How does the story continue? Let’s watch it live in Episode 3.

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Watch Korean Drama Edition Start Up Eps 3



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