Watch Korean Drama Edition Start Up Eps 6 – The 6th episode of the Korean drama Start Up has aired on the Netflix subscription channel. This 6th broadcast continues the story of Seo Dal Mi who acts normal.

He is very calm despite being lied to by Nam Do San. The Namsan Tech team is said to have qualified to become an official member of the Sand Box, thanks to the contribution of Alex who is a representative from America 2STO.

Alex himself has a special interest in Nam Do San, since that man won CODA some time ago.

However, on the other hand, Han Ji Pyiung decided to become a mentor for Seo Dal Mi’s team. The potential for competition between Ji Pyiung and Alex who both want to lead Samsan Tech is increasingly visible.

Meanwhile, Namsan Tech finally got a number of facilities by the company, including being given a sufficient work space and salary, after successfully qualifying for the Sand Box.

In the last episode, many thought that it was a fact that this Korean Drama would present Bae Suzy as the main character.

This immediately became a target for netizens after a long wait for its premiere.

Watch Korean Drama Start Up Eps 6

How does the story continue? Let’s watch it live in Episode 6.

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