Watching Edition Korean Drama Start Up Eps 8: The Truth Begins to Be Revealed Samsan Tech – In the previous episode, the Korean Drama Start Up has entered Episode 8.

Previously, Seo Dal Mi planned to become a development team at Morning Group, a company led by Won Do Jung.

When Seo Dal Mi and Do San came to Morning Group to offer the business they were doing.

They experience the unexpected because they are treated harshly and belittled.

Then Do San threw Won Do Jung’s uncle’s board until it broke. Not long after that incident Samsan Tech was sued by Morning Group.

In the 8th episode, Seo Dal Mi was still trying to convince Han Ji Pyung of the idea he had.

Seo Dal Mi still believes that the idea she has can come to fruition.

Due to frequent interactions with Seo Dal Mi, Ji Pyung’s feelings of liking grew even more.

On the other hand the truth begins to unfold, Do San once met Dal Mi’s grandmother in the hospital, he found out that her grandmother was blind. Do San is still feeling guilty by covering up his lies.

Shortly after interacting, Do San immediately told Seo Dal Mi the truth about what really happened to Seo Dal Mi. Even though Seo Dal Mi had experienced shock, Seo Dal Mi continued to look strong and tough in front of her beloved grandmother.

Watch Korean Drama Start Up Eps 8

How does the story continue? Let’s watch it live in Episode 8.

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