Synopsis and Watch Korean Drama Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce) Episode 2 – The Korean drama entitled Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce) has entered its 2nd episode.

A short story that tells of Pi Young who was staring at his mother’s eyes sharply. Her mum asks what is your right to reveal everything to my husband? You have absolutely no rights. While saying that while crying, confessing that he is indeed your husband, but also my son-in-law.

Pi Young who is still cold until now. Is my dad there are two? No way, my father is only one and what makes me unable to meet him. He admitted that he could not breathe and spoke fluently in front of Pi Young.

Synopsis and Watch Korean Drama Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce) Eps 1

When his father wanted to give the glass to the mother and mother then put it on the table. Are you sure you don’t hate me until now? asked his father. In fact, I get angry if you leave first. He said I wouldn’t let you go. His father said that lately I was like living to be 100 years.

Watch Korean Drama Korea Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce) Episode 2

How does the story continue? Let’s watch it live in Episode 2.

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