Synopsis and Watch Korean Drama Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce) Episode 3: Sa Hyeon Divorces Soon – Boo Hye-rung demands to know what her husband Sa-hyeon is up to. She unlocked her cell phone and saw the name of the contact – “Nonhyeon-dong”. She calls a contact, but Sa-hyeon stops her. Boo Hye-rung slapped him, and he suggested they talk inside. Boo Hye-rung was still panting and shocked. It’s a young marriage that breaks up very quickly, and it’s escalating into all-out war.

Synopsis Drama Korea Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce) Episode 3

Boo Hye-rung told Sa-hyeon’s parents about their son’s adultery
And the war turns to Sa-hyeon’s parents – Boo Hye-rung visits them and explains that their son is cheating on her and she admits it. They were angry that their son had done this. Boo Hye-rung is annoyed, stating that they have been married for less than three years and her heart breaks to pieces. The father mentioned that Sa-hyeon had been in a serious relationship before. It was almost like he suggested that this would be the same woman, but he never made it clear.

Park Hae-ryun went to see a doctor
After asking for a divorce, you can almost feel that Park Hae-ryun is going through a midlife crisis, and the next scene supports that idea. Park Hae-ryun visited the doctor; the doctor recognized his brother and saw the resemblance. Park Hae-ryun revealed that his brother had died. The doctor checked her blood pressure and confirmed that she was generally healthy for her age. Park Hae-ryun looked at the doctor’s photos and asked about his wife and son.

Pan Mun-ho enjoys a reunion at the country club
While at the country club with his wife, Pan Mun-ho (Sa-hyeon’s father) saw Kim Dong-mi, and he was blown away by it. She walks over to her desk – she’s sitting with Pi-young and Yu-sin. Pan Mun-ho asked if he was Kim Su-gil’s only child. He tells her he is the son of a chicken farmer. Suddenly, he found out who he was – a hometown friend. The cult caused concern for Pan Mun-ho’s wife; especially in the way he acts.

Watch Korean Drama Korea Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce) Episode 3

How does the story continue? Let’s watch it live in Episode 3.

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