Synopsis and Watch Korean Drama Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce) Eps 1 – The latest Korean drama entitled Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce) will be a Korean drama that tells about a problem in household life of various ages.

This drama focuses on telling couples, one of which is Pan Se Hyeon, a judge who is married to a radio announcer.

They are a fairly young couple with a teenage marriage age. However, during their honeymoon they thought it would end soon because Sa Hyeon had trouble sleeping and dreamed about the birth of her child.

Hye Ryung, who tries to maintain a balance between the work she does and her life, so that before it is time to get married they will promise not to have children.

Si Eun is now a main writer on a radio program. Hae Ryun who became a professor managed to get support from his wife.

Their love met in high school and became each other’s first love. Si Eun who is a figure who is willing to sacrifice to serve her husband and take care of her children compared to herself.

Watch Korean Drama Korea Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce) Episode 1

How does the story continue? Let’s watch it live in Episode 1.

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