Synopsis and Watch Korean Drama True Beauty Episode 14: Su Ho will cut ties with Ju Kyung – Korean drama true beauty is increasingly in demand by Korean drama fans.

This drama has entered its 14th episode on December 9, 2020. This drama is adapted by a webtoon.

In episode k 13 finally the real face of a Ju Kyung has been revealed and is known by a school, Ju Kyung is embarrassed and doesn’t want to see Su Ho anymore.

Synopsis Drama Korea True Beauty Episode 14

This 14th episode tells about J Kyung’s determination to no longer run away from the problems that come to him.

From that moment on he began to listen to the words of those who loved him. and ignore the words of unkind friends.

After Ju Kyung revealed her relationship at school with Su Ho at her school, she no longer needed to worry about her relationship and started dating Su Ho like any other couple.

Unexpectedly, Soo Ah has been distributing photos and videos of Ju Kyung during her school days. He thinks that Soo Ah won’t repeat it and regrets what he did. But when he hears Soo Jin, who actually spits out words that make Ju Kyung sick, it makes Soo Ah furious at him.

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Rumors have been circulating around the distribution of photos and videos of Ju Kyung and all of Soo Jin’s students. Ju Kyung’s friends wonder how Soo Jin could do such a thing.

Because all the class immediately sneered and said bad things to Soo Jin, Soo Jin immediately left without answering.

Ju Kyung then chases Soo Jin and asks her to be friends, but Soo Jin’s treatment instead refuses to befriend Ju Kyung.

Not long after that, Su Ho got bad news from his father, who was abroad at the time. Seo and Jy Kyung immediately went to the airport to follow their father, who was currently abroad. Seo Jun can only drive to the airport and watch as Ju Kyung and Su Ho split up for a while.

Nonton Drama Korea True Beauty Episode 14

How does the story continue? Let’s watch it live in Episode 14.

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