Synopsis and Watch Korean Drama True Beauty Episode 16: Ju Kyung, Su Ho and Seo Jun’s love triangle ends – In the previous 15th episode, Ju Kyung had celebrated the moment of graduation without being accompanied by Su Ho.

After two years had passed, Seo Jun was the only person who was always by his side. Se Jun finally dares to express his feelings of love for Ju Kyung, even though at the end, Ju Kyung still can’t give an answer.

At an unexpected moment, Su Ho and Ju Kyung meet. Su Ho hopes to reconnect with Ju Kyung.

Synopsis Drama Korea True Beauty Episode 16

In this 16th episode the love triangle story that occurred between Ju Kyung, Su Ho and Seo Jun will end. Ju Kyung still has the feelings he has. Su Ho is the only woman who is always in Ju Kyung’s heart, but on the other hand, Seo Jun is the one who is always by Ju Kyung’s side.

Su Ho is finally able to enjoy the moment together with Ju Kyung, even if only in the seat. There, Ju Kyung dares to talk about her feelings for Su Ho. Ju Kyung shared that even though their relationship had ended, there were many sweet memories that had been shared. Su Ho then apologized for hurting Ju Kyung’s feelings.

Su Ho then asked Ju Kyung about Seo Jun’s feelings, did he still like him until now? Seo Jun then tries to lie by saying that he has dated Ju Kyung. However, Su Ho casually realized that Seo Jun was covering up his lies.

When Seo Jun wants to appear, Ju Kyung becomes the make-up on his face. She could no longer cover up her feelings when she was close to him. The current Su Ho has been trying hard to make his dreams come true and builds enthusiasm to achieve his dreams all over again.

Nonton Drama Korea True Beauty Episode 16

How does the story continue? Let’s watch it live in Episode 16.

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