Synopsis and Watch Korean Drama True Beauty Eps 13: Ju Kyung is shocked that his real face is revealed – Korean drama true beauty is increasingly in demand by Korean drama fans.

This drama has entered its 13th episode on December 9, 2020. This drama is adapted by a webtoon.

In the 12th episode, True Beauty tells the story of the closeness of Su Ho and Seo Jun, who are getting closer and then uncovered and there is a clear understanding of the result of Se Yeon’s death.

But on the other hand, Ju Kyung is worried because the school bully Ju Kyung is bothering her again at the new school. This then made him frightened because he was so scared that his real face was exposed without make up.

So far, she was not noticed by her other friends because her face was always covered by make-up.

Synopsis Drama Korea True Beauty Episode 13

In this 13th episode, Ju Kyung’s figure has been revealed, whose real face is known by a school, then Ju Kyung feels embarrassed and doesn’t want to see Su Ho anymore.

But Su Ho said that he wanted to always be by Ju Kyung’s side even when you look without make-up.

Seo Jun also feels angry and resentful at the bully Ju Kyung, so he comes looking for her and threatens her.

Seo Jun said that the intruder is trash.

He and Su Ho immediately took down the poster Ju Kyung had been scribbled by the bullies.

Soo Ah feels sad because all this time she feels that Ju Kyung never told her.

On the other hand, Soo Jin dislikes Ju Kyung more and more, when Ju Kyung wants to come to her in front of her house, she immediately says that Ju Kyung should go far and hide. From his words, Ju Kyung feels hurt and makes him cry.

But at home Ju Kyung immediately told her mother who had never paid attention to her. At that time, her mother immediately hugged her and said that Ju Kyung didn’t have to worry, because she transferred Ju Kyung to a new school without anyone recognizing her.

Nonton Drama Korea True Beauty Episode 12

How does the story continue? Let’s watch it live in Episode 13.

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