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The Best Mirrorless Camera Prices Below 10 millions!

In 2018, the Best Nomination of Mirroless Cameras with Prices below 10 million is still dominated by well-known brands such as Fujifil, Sony, Panasonic, and Canon.

In the present era, more and more photography enthusiasts and sights where DSLRs start on the neck of the ‘photographers’ are beginning to switch to the Mirroless camera because it is more compact when held than a rather large body DSLR.

This article I will help you who are confused about buying mirroless with what brand? especially if your budget is right. Here are the recommendations for the best Mirroless Camera under 10 million in 2018:

The Best 10 Million Mirrorless Cameras

  • Panasonic DMC-GX85

source plazakamera

No wonder this big brand from Panasonic is in great demand for photography enthusiasts, because at prices below 10 million, you can enjoy the 4K feature. This feature also comes with a 5-axis stabilizer that is inside the camera body. With this combination of 2 features I have been able to promise better results in terms of video than competitors in the lower class 10 million.

From the side of the photo, the system features a stabilizer which is very instrumental in taking photos using the slow shutter speed. Allows you to get sufficient exposure in low light conditions without harming the camera shake shake.

Panasonic also does not want to lose, they released Anti-Aliasing gitur which is usually available in modern cameras now. Anti-Aliasing is useful to provide smoother results, because often if there is no AA filter, the image will experience cut lines. The Panasonic GX85 mirroless camera already has an Anti-Aliasing feature that you don’t need to doubt about.

Weakness: the sensor is still using micro 4/3 compared to other mirroless already APS-C. Slightly less the depth of filed and dynamic range.

  • Fujifilm X-A5

source plazakamera

Who doesn’t know about this one brand? Fujifilm is an old player in terms of photography, X-A5 with a price of less than 9 million, already has a 4K video recording feature.

In addition, Fujifilm’s mirroless camera has been able to record slow-motion video, X-A5 can be used to record at 60fps for Full HD 1080p resolution. Then, the superiority of the X-A5 is more than other competitors, there is already a jack for the external mic. Previously there was already, the Canon EOS M3 which included the cheapest mirroless camera equipped with a mic jack.

The advantage of the next X-A5 is equipped with a touchscreen, a fast shutter speed for taking action photos and a long battery life.

  • Sony A6000

source plazakamera

For this one Mirroless Camera, it doesn’t seem to need much discussion because the average photography enthusiast among you already knows this camera. You could say the A6000 camera is the standard mirroless price of 10 million.

The famous feature on this camera is its Autofocus capability which has been tested fast and accurately. This is also supported by a fairly high burstmode photo speed, which is up to 11 fps where the rival is only available at 6fps. Eating with a burst mode is quite bearable, we can get accurate photo action, both when shooting with JPEG and RAW formats.

This one mirroless camera is usually in great demand also by the majority of transitions from DSLR to mirroless, because it already has a viewfinder.

The viewfinder is where we put our eyes when we want to photograph an object. Most mirroless below 10 million only uses the LCD to provide a liveview scene that will be photographed later. When outdoor conditions under the sun we are not very clear using liveview lCD, with the viewfinder we need not be afraid even though we have to take pictures while outdoor.

  • Canon EOS M100

source plazakamera

For this one camera brand, you certainly know it better about DSLR cameras, right? Not only that, Canon also released its Mirroless camera product and included the best mirroless nominations.

But Canon mirroless is not so much an enthusiast unlike its DSLR, but that does not mean Canon mirroless is not worth buying. They only lack unique features compared to other brand competitors.

EOS M100, has additional features such as: Bluetooth, high-res LCD, Touchscreen, can be for selfie, NFC, Wifi, Phase Detection for Focus, Flash and even have a shutter bulb to take long exposure. This one mirroless camera still includes new output and has a friendlier price.

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Those are some mirrorless camera recommendations with prices below 10 million in 2018, each camera definitely has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you want to buy it, choose it according to the needs you need.


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