Samsung Galaxy S10 Ready to Be Released in February, More Advanced Features

After a lot of leaks here and there regarding specifications and launch dates, Samsung has finally officially announced the release Samsung Galaxy S10! Not at MWC 2019, but Samsung chose to hold its own Galaxy Unpacked event on the upcoming February 20, 2019.

The event which will be held in San Francisco, United States was officially announced by Samsung through its official Twitter account @ SamsungMobile on Thursday (01/10/2019). In its caption Samsung wrote ‘Welcome to the next generation. Galaxy Unpacked on February 20, 2019. #SamsungEvent ’is accompanied by a 22-second video that displays the announcement announcement of this event with the number 10 which is one sign of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

This Galaxy Unpacked event will also be broadcast live through Samsung’s official website at

The invitation to the S10 release is a bit unusual compared to Samsung’s habit of releasing the latest devices from the previous Galaxy S series. Samsung has always released its latest smartphone in the Galaxy S line at the Mobile World Congress event. But this year Samsung decided to make its own event to announce the Galaxy S10.

2019 MWC Barcelona itself is planned to be held on February 25, 2019, five days adrift of the official release of the Galaxy S10. However, the Galaxy S10 will also be exhibited at the MWC 2019 at the Samsung booth.

Not only releasing the Galaxy S10 and its variants, Samsung is also predicted to introduce its first folding screen smartphone, Galaxy F on this event!

From leaked images that were once again circulating on the internet, it was mentioned if Samsung would release three variants of the Galaxy S10 at the same time along with its folding screen smartphone which had become headlines throughout the world.

Three Galaxy S10 variants to be released by Samsung are the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10 Lite. The three S10 variants are present without a notch with a screen with almost no bezel. For the front camera, Samsung presents a hole in the right corner of the screen. This screen, called Infinity O, is already used for the latest Samsung smartphones in the last quarter of 2018 and in 2019.



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