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How To Activate Dark Mode On Google Chrome Android

Currently the Dark mode feature is a popular feature commonly known as dark mode, almost all applications now have a dark mode especially from Google. Previously, this dark mode theme has been successfully applied to Youtube, now Google is trying to bring features that make a darker appearance on Google Chrome.

Google Chrome users can update the Google Chrome application to the latest version so they can try dark mode. This dark mode feature will certainly spoil Google users to be more comfortable surfing the internet, especially at night.

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If you want to activate the dark mode feature in Google Chrome, you can try these fairly easy steps. Here are the methods below:

How to Activate Dark Mode on Google Chrome Android

  1. First you have to open the Android version of the Google Chrome application on your smartphone.
  2. Then type in the address box or url column by entering the chrome: // flags address
  3. Next on the Google Chrome flags page, please type the Dark Mode keyword in the flags search field.
  4. Then two search results appear namely the Android web contents dark mode and the Android Chrome UI dark mode.
  5. Then you can enable it to be enabled on both of these search results.
  6. Then the Android web contents dark mode feature functions to change the appearance of the contents of the website into a dark mode so that bright colors will be changed to dark.
  7. Then the Android Chrome UI feature’s dark mode functions to change the UI or theme of Google Chrome.
  8. Done

Thus the steps to activate dark mode in Google Chrome, hopefully the above review can be useful information.


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