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List of 5 places to download free games in addition to the Play Store

Game is one of the entertainment that we can play through smartphones, both based on Android and iOS. Android smartphone is now able to have graphics and hardware that is quite good, many games are open source.

Google Play Store is a collection of applications that you can download both free and paid. Of course there are thousands of games already available on the Play Store that you can download for free.

Did you already know that there are games in the Play Store that must be paid if you want to download them? Here your site will provide information if you want to download paid games but can be played for free.

List of 5 Free Game Download Places

APK games are one solution, you can get a modified APK game (MOD). The MOD APK has various advantages, such as getting additional items without you having to complete certain missions.

1. Blackmart

This site is a recommendation if you want to download paid games for free without having to spend money to buy it. This site is a lot of illegal games that should have to buy it first to be played. The function is the same as Play Store, but at Blackmart you can use the game to get benefits.

Donwload Blackmart

2. APK Pure

This site is a huge collection of games that do not pass the filter in the Play Store. But there are also some common applications that you can get in Pure APK. This site can be accessed through the website, but you can also install this apk on your smartphone. The advantage of using Pure APK is that you can set the storage location of the game data that you are playing.

Donwload APK Pure

3. QooAps

There are only some games in the Play Store that are officially in Indonesia and have passed the due diligence. Not all android games in the world enter the Play Store.

One easy way you can do to play games that are not in the Play Store using QooAps. at QooAps you can find games all over the world without paying and it’s free to play. Not only applications, QooAps also updates various game information, game developments and popular games that are currently popular.

Dowload QooAps


4. RevD1

If you are a person who is easily bored in playing games, there are several ways you can try, maybe RevD1 can be the solution. Here you can find all android games for free, but you can also cheat on playing the game.

Lots of MOD to add points, level up, diamond, and rare items without having to complete the mission first. No need to linger in playing games to make you bosa, just using MOD alone you can enjoy various features in the game.

Donwload RevD1


5. TapTap

Finally, you can also try using TapTap. Here you can find games that are only launched in certain countries. The difference is, TapTap only uses applications from the country the game originated from. But this can be by utilizing Google Translate so you can understand the language used in the game.

Although the majority use English, there are some games that use the native language of the country the game was made.

Download TapTap


Here are 5 free game download sites that you can try, Hopefully this article is useful if you find a better place to write it in the comments column.


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