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Hidden Features on WhatsApp, You Must Try!

Currently sending messages via SMS is outdated and rarely in demand. Many smartphone users have switched to social media applications such as line, whatsapp and several other messenger platforms.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat applications in the world today with tens of billions of users in various parts of the world. You could say every smartphone user has WhatsApp.

Apart from the main features such as sending text, files in the form of images, audio and video and can video calls, many WhatsApp users are still not aware of the hidden features of the application.

What are these hidden features? let’s look at the following explanation.

Five Hidden Features on WhatsApp

Here is a list of some hidden features on WhatsApp:

1. Important Chat Pins

if you have lots of groups and chat on WhatsApp, this chat pin feature is quite helpful.

Because many users have difficulty finding messages that are considered important because there are too many chats and groups that are always active. Chat on this pin will always appear in the top position.

For Android smartphone users, the method is quite easy, just simply press the private message or group you want to pin, hold it for a long time then the pin icon will appear in the right corner of the screen.

If you are iOS users, just swipe the desired chat to the right and select the Pin option.

2. Change the Text Format on WhatsApp

Many users still don’t know how to make it bold, italic in the WA app. This hidden feature you can use to make the text.

You only need to use three symbols on both sides of the text word. For example, “‘tour” “, then send the message and the text will change.

then the letters you type will change to letters like old typewriters. This feature can already be used on the Android and iOS platforms.

3. Bookmark the Message

This feature can be found on Starred Messages. Where this function can mark the desired messages to be more easily found in the future.

To use you just need to tap and hold the message to bring up the star logo on the application tab. All messages marked will be one on Starred Messages.

4. Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Story

This feature is useful for those of you who want to share your status on WhatsApp automatically logging into Facebook Story.

The trick is just to choose a status and create a new status. If it is live, select the menu icon next to the dot three then choose the option to share to Facebook Story.

5. Cellular Data Saving Mode

If you turn on this mode, the WhatsApp application does not allow automatic downloading of media and sending large files.

This will certainly be very influential in blowing up consumption of Kuoata on your WA application. Pastika chose the automatic download option only via Wifi.

Similarly, information about hidden features available on WhatsApp, hopefully this article can be useful for you. You can try other interesting features on WhatsApp. Thanks.


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