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How to Avoid Fraud on WhatsApp, Do This!

Acts of crime, especially fraud has become more widespread because it is supported by technological developments where everyone can communicate without having to meet in person. If in the past we had heard of fraud under the guise of “mamah ask for credit”, another thing now.

The fraud mode has recently shifted to the popular chat application, WhatsApp. By way of offering or promoting spam by promising cheap shopping via WhatsApp often found.

From reports issued by the Directorate of Criminal Acts Siber Bareskrim National Police, at least 1,617 special reports of fraud crime throughout 2019 either through marketplaces, social media, email or other online platforms.

Easy Ways to Avoid Fraud on WhatsApp

The following steps to prevent fraud victims on WhatsApp:

1. Pay Attention to the Actor Mode

Not only is fraud on whatsapp promising shopping at low prices, it is not uncommon for fraud to bring the names of people we know like our friends or relatives.

Perpetrators to attack their victims usually pretend to be friends who are experiencing difficulties and ask to be helped by lending money.

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To prevent that from happening, you can check by inviting him to call or video call to make sure. Usually fraudsters will not want to respond when we make phone calls or video calls.

2. Do not be easily tempted by Fraud Offers

The perpetrator’s mode of attracting victims usually sends a message as if we received a prize as a quiz winner and received a large prize.

If you receive the message, it should be ignored, because 99% is definitely included in the type of fraud.

3. Setting Your WhatsApp Application

The thing to note is to make arrangements in your WhatsApp application to avoid fraud.

For example, by setting who can see Last Seen information, Profile Photos, or status in privacy settings.

The next step is to control who can enter you into the whatsapp group by opening the application settings, select account -> privacy -> group. Users can choose who can enter our numbers into the group.

Thus tips to avoid the mode of fraud on WhatsApp, Hopefully we can all avoid the perpetrators who are not responsible.


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