List of Mobile Legends Heroes Who Got Meta This Year

Entering 2020 many game developers are updating the games they release, including the Mobile Legend released by Moonton which is currently the most popular MOBA game.

Significant changes include updating “Meta” or Most Effective Available on released hero games. The hero will get an update on the upcoming patch release.

Mobile Legends Heroes Get Updates

From a number of Mobile Legends heroes, here is the list of Heroes who got the 2020 meta:

1. Khufra

This Khufra hero is the strongest candidate for the Mobile Legends tank which is predicted to get meta.

This hero is known to have skills in providing stun attacks, slow effects, and enough damage to make an opponent annoyed when faced with it.

2. Ling

Hero Ling will be the strongest hero in the Mobile Legends Assassins category who will get this year’s meta. The ability of this one hero is enough to make opponents upset because it often becomes a banned subscription.

3. Silavanna

Silavanna is a hero fighter magic, but there are weaknesses in the condition of his body that is quite weak, so getting a meta to raise his body’s defenses.

If the developer really intends to provide meta to this hero, then this hero is likely to be a lot of devotees.

4. Badang

This hero is a hero who is late in getting the Most Effective Tactic Available from the developer.

Although you could say this hero is fairly old but has the ability and attack and defense that makes your opponent upset.

5. Wanwan

This hero is included in the normal Marksman hero category and has nothing special. This hero can be relied upon very late in the game by activating the third skill.

This year, Hero Wanwan will get the Most Effective Tactic Available meta update to strengthen skills to be stronger in combat.

Thus information about Mobile Legends heroes who will get the latest meta updates in 2020, Hopefully this information can be useful for you Mobile Legends fans.


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