Didi Kempot Passed Away to be Buried in Ngawi, East Java

Didi Kempot Died Suspected of having a heart attack. Didi Kempot will be buried in Ngawi, East Java.

This was conveyed by the solo mayor of FX Hadi Rudyatmo. Didi Kempot’s body is currently still in the hospital.

“A plan for heaven,” Rudy said.

Singer Didi Kempot Campur Sari died at 53 years on Tuesday 07.45 West Indonesia Time, about 20 minutes after arriving at Kasih Ibu Hospital Solo.

Didi Kempot while at the hospital accompanied by his wife and driver. The hospital said it did not know about Didi Kempot’s disease history.

“Didi Kempot entered the hospital this morning at 07.25 WIB with unconscious condition and died at 07.45 WIB” said Assistant Assistant Public Relations Manager of Ibu Ibu Divan Fernandez Hospital in Solo.

Currently the body of Didi Kempot is still at Kasih Ibu Hospital.

Didi Kempot, the very famous Campursari singer, has been popular since 2000 and is on the rise again.

Didi Kempot fans, who are called ambyar friends, also mourned and considered “The Father of Broken Heart”.


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