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Bisatau.com – Drama Voice 2 is a Korean drama which is quite tense, present on August 11 to September 16 2018 then. The series is directed by Lee Seung Young and the script was written by Ma Jin Won. This drama airs 12 times on OCN TV every Saturday and Sunday at 22:20.

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A short synopsis of this drama is a scene centered on the emergency call center 112 and til Golden Time whose job is to respond to the incoming emergency messages, especially in the criminal offense. They are required to complete the serial murder case.

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Voice 2 drama was successful with OCN drama which is included in the highest premiere rating in the history of 2019. In season 2 this will continue on drama voice 3. The ending is really floating and makes fans always feel curious for the next series.

The main actors of this drama are actors Le Ha Na and Lee Jin Wook as the main duet in that role. Curious as to what the story? Next Watch Drama Voice 2 for Free.

Watch Korean Voice Drama 2 for Free

Drama Korea Voice 2
Drama Korea Voice 2

Voice 2 Part 1

Voice 2 Part 2

Voice 2 Part 3

Voice 2 Part 4

Voice 2 Part 5

Voice 2 Part 6

Voice 2 Part 7

Voice 2 Part 8

Voice 2 Part 9

Voice 2 Part 10

Voice 2 Part 11

Voice 2 Part 12


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