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How to block annoying notifications on Google Chrome on Android – In the midst of a pandemic like this we often open websites through Google Chrome with our Android smartphones. But many of these websites offer us to enable notifications in order to get the latest updates.

Intend to help to get the latest news, but many users are disturbed by notifications from so many websites. By default the Google Chrome browser gives us the option to automatically block notification or notification requests if we are already subscribed.

By blocking browser notifications, your android smartphone will be free from annoying notifications. Here are the steps that you can do on your Android smartphone easily.

How to get rid of Google Chrome notifications on Android

  1. Log into the Android version of the Google Chrome application.
  2. Click the vertical triangle on the top right corner.
  3. Go to the settings menu.
  4. Select the site settings menu.
  5. Select the notification section. By default Google gives “Ask first”.
  6. Swipe until the status becomes “Blocked”.

By eliminating your notifications it will also have a slight effect on your internet data usage. Because there is no data that runs in the background of Google Chrome.


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