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Recommended 5 Best Websites for Beginner Programmers – Programming language is indeed something that is complicated by some people. What’s more with novice programmers who want to learn programming. However, if studied in detail and with instructions, this expertise can be used to build a website.

To be accessed by many people, there is a need for hosting and domains, you can use the free wordpress theme to beautify the look of your website. But if you have the ability to build a website, of course the website can be made according to your wishes.

If you are confused how to learn the correct programming. Here are some website recommendations that you can use as a tutorial for novice programmers.

Website Recommendations for Learning Programming for Beginners

1. Codeacademy

The top ranking is the website named Codeacademy. This website is highly recommended for those of you who are entering the world for the first time in programming and want to become a programmer. To be able to train your level of ability you will be given a quiz to do it along with steps on how to do it if you experience difficulties.

At Codeacademy a lot is taught like how to build a website from scratch to techniques for analyzing data expertly. You can practice directly by coding, not just theory.

2. W3schools

W3schools is a website that really helps you especially beginners to learn coding from the basic by direct practice. This website is interestingly supported by an online compiler that can translate a computer language into a specific language.

Various programming languages are strongly supported by W3schools, one of which is CSS, HTML, JS, SQL, jQuery, PHP, Angular, Java and many more. For beginners when using this website is fairly easy with a simple appearance and how to use the website so easily.

3. Codewars

Codewars is a website that started with martial arts inspiration. For those of you who like martial arts and want to be a programmer this is a suitable place. The main aim of learning at Codewars focuses on deepening the science of coding with specific languages. So you will be focused on learning just one particular programming language to be more expert.

From the challenges that are carried out the more you successfully complete the challenges, then you will be faced with more difficult challenges in the future. The hope is that you are accustomed to handling error messages in a coding script.

This can enrich your knowledge in terms of solving problems with bugs and errors. Some programming languages learned in Codewars are Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Java, Shell, SQL, Crystal, Groovy and many more.

4. Free Code Camp

This website is arguably a mainstay for novice programmers and often holds training for those of you who want to jump into the world of programming. This website has been built since 2014 and has produced 40,000 graduates. Of the graduates he printed, many worked in international companies.

Free Code Camp itself invites beginners to jump right into their projects. So for the graduates, they have already experienced how to develop a website or application.

Like the name with the word Free which means free. You can also join the community and get the latest information about work in the field of programming.

There is also an international class here. If you want to get a certificate it is recommended to take the class. It takes an average of 300 hours to study all the topics in the Free Code Camp until you get a certificate.

5. The Odin Project

Finally, the recommended website is The Odin Project. This website was created to find out more about the world of coding but is presented with elements of the Viking Code School aimed at people finding it difficult to obtain information technology. This website is used free of charge without any charge.

The programming language on the website will be taught HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git, Dabasase, NodeJS, Ruby, and so on. The advantages of this website support the feature to connect two users to be able to interact with one another. This feature is very helpful for you beginners programmers who want to form communication in a team.

From the example website above is a programming recommendation website for beginners. There are many more websites that are free and you can learn. Hopefully this information is useful in helping you learn programming knowledge.


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