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How to easily download images and videos from Instagram

When it first appeared, Instagram users at that time only had around 30 million users. However, at this time Instagram is increasingly not surprising if its users are increasing.

In the first time, there were still many who didn’t want to use photo and video-based social media, but as the internet progressed over time, Instagram was increasingly in demand because it carried a different concept from other competing services.

For own features, Instagram has abundant features. Starting from regular posts, stories, highlights, boomerang, and the latest is IGTV, until Vidcall you can use it easily and for free. It’s just that the features that Instagram does not provide services in downloading images or videos. Of course this will make it difficult for us if we want to download images / videos from Instagram.

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How to Download Videos and Images from Instagram
If you want to download images or videos from Instagram, here I will give you easy tips:

1. Using Image Downloader Sites (Destkop & Mobile)

Sites like this are very easy to find, just type in the browser “download Instagram image” in the search engine column. After that you will be presented with a large selection of website services that provide related keywords that you have entered. following the best site recommendations in my own opinion:

In my opinion, all three are very easy to use and free to download videos / images from Instagram.

2. Using the Inst Downloader Application (Android)

In use on Android there is a separate application that you have to download in order to download images / videos from Instagram, this application is available on PlayStore.

Its use is very easy, you just just follow the steps by entering the image / video url you want to download.

3. Using the Screenshot Feature

For this method it can be said to be the simplest and easiest, because it does not use any application. Screenshoot or the screenshot itself is available on all smartphones using the power + volume down key combination.

That is how to download images / videos from Instagram, everything can be done or here.


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