IGTV, YouTube Competitors Instagram Feature

Who is Instagram or in this era? Instagram is now developing into a large social media application in terms of Photo / Video platforms, Instagram is the champion.

Until now, Instagram did not want to be outdone by competing and is still very diligent in releasing new feature features to further spoil its users where the newly released IGTV will compete with YouTube.

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What is IGTV?

IGTV is the latest feature from Instagram that allows users to create channels that can be filled with long duration videos. Unlike the video feature on Instagram, which can only be filled with videos of 1 minute and 15 seconds in Story, IGTV can also be used when creating tanyangan with longer duration ranging from 10-60 minutes.

After IGTV is released and can make videos of very long duration, it is very beneficial for content creators to be people who can create videos for their followers on Instagram without having to worry about a limited duration of only 1 minute. In addition, IGTV has also made separate applications that you can download in PlayStore.

Features on IGTV

When I first used this feature, I felt pampered and amazed at what contained Instagram. IGTV has a pretty good UI and UX, it’s very compatible and it’s just certainly not complicated. You can use the IGTV feature with the button in the upper right corner (next to Direct message).

When you open it, you will immediately launch various video choices that can be enjoyed. Instagram itself divides IGTV videos into 4 different categories, namely:

For you, give video recommendations from various channels that are tailored to your habits and your preferences.

The following, contains a collection of various videos from the account you are following.

Popular, contains a variety of videos that are treding and watched a lot.

Continue Watching, contains videos that you have watched before but have not finished yet.

Based on these categories, ‘Continue Waching’ in my opinion is the most interesting. If you are watching a video and you haven’t finished, you can buy a video on the other side.

Watch IGTV Content?

After you enjoy the iGTV icon next to the DM icon, you will display a variety of video choices that can be enjoyed. After you find the video you want to play, you just press, press it in the middle, then the video selection at the bottom of the panel will automatically disappear. To be able to bring it back up, you just need to swipe it. You can also tap on the back to jump to the front / back of the video played by visitors.

It should be noted that watching videos on IGTV uses vertical / portrait format. Due to this IGTV feature adjusts to the habits of smartphone users in everyday life.

With the portrait video playback format, I use this to add plus values for Instagram which is already in portrait mode. Such a good consistency is provided on Instagram, so you don’t have to bother using this IGTV feature without having to flip through your smartphone.

IGTV involvement

In this case, according to other posts, you as a user can also give love, comments, or share via DM to videos enjoyed by visitors. The added value, you can also do everything that calls for videos that you want to watch. Unlike the posts that you usually can’t do in viewing content and reading comments.


For Monetization is very unfortunate, because until now Instagram itself has not provided further confirmation about the video monetization feature. However, maybe in the future this will be realized by Instagram given the increasing number of Instagram users. As such, the monetization feature will also make the creators more enthusiastic in creating interesting content. If it really will be realized? Maybe YoutTube will really have heavy advantages.

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