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How to cancel an order at Bukalapak already paid !! Work it

Diera Digital is already a lot of online buying and selling sites that are spread all over the world including Indonesia. Shopping online is very easy because it is safer and more comfortable without having to go to the driver directly. Call it an example, the red shop or commonly called Bukalapak, feature of Bukalapak, you can get a 100 percent money back guarantee from your order.

The advantages of buying in Bukapalak, they have the safest payment method where if the buyer has already paid for the ordered item, the buyer’s money is not directly received by the seller before the item until the buyer. With various attractive features offered by Bukalapak, it is not uncommon for people to be confused by how to cancel transactions that have been paid or not paid.

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Surely you are confused about how to cancel the transaction in your book, right? Bukalapak actually has made it easy for customers who want to cancel transactions for sellers and buyers, but there are still many who are confused about using it. For you pelapak and buyers, I will provide the following solutions:

How to Cancel a Bukalapak Order

Serial Number Call Centre Bukalapak, If you buy a product from Bukalapak, after clicking the pay button, the payment method will appear which is provided by Bukalapak. You can choose at will, if you have chosen the payment method, then you pay to the nearest bank or marketplace like Indomart or Alfamart. Bukalapak gives the invoice payment limit up to 24 hours, if the order has not been paid automatically the ordered item will be canceled.

source carabuatbikindaftar

How to Cancel Transactions at Bukalapak If You Have Paid

have you ever experienced an inappropriate item and want to cancel it maybe? if you have already transferred the money then calm down don’t need to be confused to cancel it. You can contact the seller directly and contact Customer Bukalapak Service as soon as possible before the item has been sent by the seller.

If your purchase has been canceled by the seller then you do not need to contact Bukalapak customer customer, you just have to wait for the money already paid to enter the booklet at the Bukalapak feature. Can we withdraw money from the booklet? Of course you can, you can withdraw your money back in the following competition:

How to disburse funds through Bukadompet

source carabuatbikindaftar
  1. You log in to the Bukalapak account
  2. Click the account profile photo icon, then click the account name
  3. Click the Bukadompet menu
  4. Then click the other button, then select Disburse Funds
  5. You enter the amount of disbursement and select No. Account of the destination to be disbursed
  6. Enter the Bukalapak account password
  7. Click the Liquidate button

How to smoothly order orders for Pelapak

No need to worry for Pelapak, other than buyers who can refuse orders for pelapak already there now if you want to refuse orders smoothly. To accommodate the needs of sellers, Bukalapak created a new feature for Pelapak, namely “Reject Orders”, which is located on the Sales Transaction page, such as the following picture:

source carabuatbikindaftar

When the seller wants to cancel the transaction, a popup window will appear asking the reason why the customer cancels the transaction

source carabuatbikindaftar

The benefits of this feature for Pelapak:

  1. Pelapak can immediately cancel the order from the Transaction page
  2. Buyers will immediately get a refund, funds faster without having to contact customer service.
  3. The buyer can immediately get the refund fund and can be disbursed or bought other products.



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4 thoughts on “How to cancel an order at Bukalapak already paid !! Work it

  • eriska

    Sore syaa ingin bertanya saya kan membatalkan pesanan dibukalapak sedangkan saya sudah membayar via kredivo. Tapi pelapak tidak merespon dan tidak menjawab persetujuan pembatalan saya . Kira kira tanpa persetujuan pelapak bisa ga batal otomatis .dan apakah saldo saya bisa balik lagi maas/mba

    • Bisa Tau

      Sore juga kak. Setahu saya harus membutuhkan approval dari penjual. Jika penjual tidak merespon kakak bisa hubungi CS bukalapak saja saran saya

  • Kenpa Trnsaksi BL malah lebih ribet lagi, Pembeli menagajuakn pembatalan tetapi kenapa pihak pelapak atau penjual tdk bisa menerima pengajuan pembataln yg d ajaukn pembeli. Moho sulusi nya .

    • Bisa Tau

      coba bisa ditanyakan ke CS bukalapak nya kak


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