Youtube Down, Restless on Social Media

As reported by bistau.com source heavy.com, users around the world report Youtube is down.

Many Youtube users cannot access the videos on these popular social networks. Not yet known until now the cause of youtube down.

Youtube application itself is a video sharing service made by Google is estimated to be down in various regions around the world, including Indonesia.

Reporting on the website Downdetector – web detection website page that is down, Wednesday (10/17/2018), Reports about Youtube that cannot be accessed have increased dramatically from the users’ reports.

Seen From Monitoring Downdetector’s live outage map, several areas affected by Youtube are the United States, Europe, especially Britain, Australia.

While in Asian countries are Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.
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Reports from Multiple Youtube Users:

How long is youtube down?

source: Tribunstyle

The song is really cool, instantly it dies

source: tribunstyle

Surprisingly, Youtube rarely gets down

source: tribunstyle

Already know? so you don’t need to wonder why youtube is down, because from youtube itself it hasn’t clarified the down.


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