Attacked by Bugs, Instagram User Password Leaks

SAN FRANCISCO –Instagram is reportedly attacked by a bug that is in the security section that can display some user passwords leaked. It is known from the spokesman for the Instagram party that the bug problem was found internally and only affected a few people, so users were not completely hit with the bug.

The bug was caused by the latest feature from Instagram which was released last April. Through this feature, users can download all content that has been uploaded, such as uploading photos, videos, stories, and messages.

Reporting from Instagram, users who use the feature must enter their password in the URL in the browser. The password is stored on the Facebook server which is the company of the parent Instagram.

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This feature was actually released with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) stipulated by parliament from Europe.

There is a security researcher who assures that events are like those bugs only if Instagram keeps the password in language text, which can be a major security problem again. But the Instagram immediately denied these accusations for the bugs they experienced.

Instagram itself has stated that the feature has been fixed so that the password will not leak. In addition, Instagram also notifies users that they must change passwords that are not easily guessed to anticipate data leaks.

On that side, Instagram also assured that this password leak did not spread to outside parties. “This information does not spread to outsiders, and we have made changes so that no such bugs will occur”, an Instagram spokesman was quoted as saying by The Verge (11/20/2018).


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