Replacement TV Remote, SAMSUNG uses the Human Brain

SEOUL –Technology is increasingly growing, and soon Samsung will release a very sophisticated technology that is a remote to move television (TV) using the human brain. Samsung is currently developing a wave of technology with a beam through the brain to move television channels, making it easier for users to change broadcast channels and adjust the volume using our brain’s mind.

The company has shown a system prototype during a development conference in San Francisco last week. The project known as ‘Ponthius’ is part of a collaborative company with the Ecole Polytechnic of Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland.

This project aims to provide opportunities for patients who are paralyzed, who can only move their neck and head if this wants something without the help of others.

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EPFL senior scientist Ricardo Chavarriaga at the Conference said all parties must consider how to channel facilities to those who are unable to move or have limited space when moving.

“We are trying to develop sophisticated and complex technologies but cannot forget that technology is being developed to connect with humans,” Ricardo said as quoted by DailyMail.

How it works This system uses the Brain Computer Interface (BCI) agr can connect users with television sets. BCI depends on the headgear which has 64 senso and eye movement detectors.

Scientists are examining how our brains work when interested in watching and taking wave samples released from our brains.

This new project is expected to bring a way for the development of a system using signals from brain waves to make assumptions and be confirmed through eye movements.

There are also many other systems developed by Samsung and EPFL by interacting using Brain waves.


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