In the April and September 2018 periods, Facebook managed to delete the Hoax spreader account as many as 1.5 billion fake accounts in its social media network. Facebook also removes 2.1 billion pieces of spam.

Reporting from the GSM Arena page on Sunday (11/18/2018), this report announces how Facebook’s efforts have handled issues of pornography, hate speech, terrorists, violent content and false accounts of disseminating negative news.

The social media network giant is far better and cleaner than fake accounts preventing the occurrence of content that violates. Even before users see and report it, Facebook already knows first.

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According to the Facebook Report, 95.9{dd45dd2e2793e187353ed65bdef0dfcb592801818e35ff09b488cafe027d41a8} of offending content has been handled directly without waiting for reports from users. Facebook is under constant supervision on matters that can lead to propaganda and fake news.

Facebook has been in the spotlight in the US President’s Choice last year. In addition to the widespread spread of hoaxes, security violations affecting 50 million accounts have been the center of the cause of hoaxes in the US presidential election.

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