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Must Know! Use this cellphone, you can get free internet for a year.

BISATAU.COM –Who can you access the internet for free? Nowadays, doing anything is not far from the name of the internet, especially if you use it for free. Are you one of them?

This is what you can get if you buy it

No need to root or hack that can harm your smartphone device, you only need to use the Anti Geje Smartphone named Hyphone from AXIS.

Why can it be called Anti Geje? because this smartphone can keep you online and no need to be afraid of internet quota and make your wallet bag dry. There is no more boring disease among young people if there is an internet.

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By using this Smartphone you will get a pretty large free bonus as follows:

  • Satisfied playing games for a full year.
  • Listen to your unlimited streaming music!
  • Free Calls and SMS.
  • 12GB Internet Quota Bonus.
  • Free Lucky Box (Arena of Valor / Free Fire).

Super Advanced Specifications for Playing Anti-Lag Games

This smartphone is basically made by SPC Mobile, a well-known manufacturer who has experienced in the electronic world more than 25 years. Problem quality is definitely not in doubt.

Following Specifications More Details:

This cellphone is priced at Rp. 749,000 for the Hyphone L60, and Rp. 999,000 for the Hyphone L60 Pri, is it cheap?

Complete information can be visited AXIS Hyphone


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