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How to Get Cinema Tickets Free TIX.ID

BISATAU.COM –The TIX.ID application is one of the easy ticket booking applications for cinemas, and the TIX.ID is often a promo or buy one get one ticket.

This was done by TIX, ID in order to attract the number of people interested in watching movies. It is known, the more expensive the price of ticket tickets in Indonesia makes some people prefer to use third-party applications to get discounts and promos in purchasing tickets.

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In order to be able to watch bisocop at an affordable price and even get free tickets. will summarize a number of ways you can do to get free promos or tickets using the TIX.ID application.

  1. Special Promo on November 11, 2018, can buy watch tickets at Cinema XXI for only Rp 11 on TIX.ID using FUNDS.
  2. Special Promo Up to 30{dd45dd2e2793e187353ed65bdef0dfcb592801818e35ff09b488cafe027d41a8} discount for purchasing tickets to watch the movie ‘A Man Called Ahok’ on November 10, 2018.
  3. Buy 1 free ticket 1 ticket to watch Hanum and Rangga movies on November 8-10 2018.
  4. Buy 1 ticket for 1 free ticket every Wednesday during November 2018.
  5. Get a TIX.ID voucher worth Rp. 25 thousand by downloading the DANA application and making payments through the DANA application.
  6. Get 25,000 TIX.ID Vouchers by inviting friends to use the TIX.ID application.

Here are some steps you can take to get a free ticket from TIX.ID every Wednesday :

  1. You must download the TIX.ID application first at  Google Play Or App Store for IOS. Register yourself by entering your name, mobile number and password.
  2. Select the movie title, location, and showtime you want.
  3. Choose a minimum of 2 seats to get a free ticket.
  4. Discounts will appear on the ‘Order Summary’ page.
  5. If no Discount information appears on the ‘Summary Discount’ page, the promo quota provided by TIX.ID has exceeded the limit.
  6. Re-check order details before you pay them on the ‘Order Summary’ page.

The above method can change at any time in accordance with the requirements and promo TIX.ID because some terms and conditions apply so that people can enjoy the promo.


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