The Sticker Search feature will be added immediately on WhatsApp

MENLO PARK –Most of WhatsApp users may have updated their application and can use stickers on the application. There are many sticker packages offered from these third parties that have recently been munvul on Google Play and dozens of official stickers have been loaded in the WhatsApp application. In addition, users can also make WhatsApp stickers according to their own wishes.

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Then what if later there were lots of stickers downloaded, so it would be difficult to find the sticker you wanted to use. Now don’t worry, the rumor is that WhatsApp will also release the sticker search feature to make it easier for users to find the desired sticker.

This was revealed from the Twitter account WA BETA. Info that uploads images is a screenshot of WhatsApp’s sticker search feature.

Reported from Ndtv, Tuesday (11/13/2018) it appears that in the screenshot section there is a magnifying glass icon that will be used to search stickers on WhatssApp which in the previous version is only in the emoji and GIF section.

But from the results obtained it is still unclear when to release this search feature. But when viewed from the screenshot, the search feature will arrive first for Android users.

For the release of the application sticker, WhatsApp released it last month and has been downloaded a lot in both Android and IOS.

By default there are 12 sticker packages provided by WhatsApp, although Android users also have the option to download third-party sticker packages through Google Play, Users can also access stickers directly from the official Web WhatsApp.




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