The Pocophone F1 is ready to launch to Samsung Headquarters

BEIJING –The Chinese technology giant, Xiaomi, is increasingly eager to storm the South Korean market by launching the F1 Pocophone.

The Pocophone F1 went on sale in South Korea on November 19 through three major operators SK Telecom, KT and LG U + with 6GB RAM variants and up to 64GB of internal storage with prices reaching 430,000 won (around Rp. 5.6 million).

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This cellphone has also been sold by third-party retailers such as Expansys who can even give discounts when purchasing.

For years, South Korea has become a market that is difficult to penetrate for competing vendors from the outside, because it is dominated by local producers such as SAMSUNG and LG.

On ZDnet’s report, Tuesday (11/13/2018) this cellphone was also popular in South Korea, the article before the end of its release, many consumers who bought Pocophone F1 through online shopping sites that can be pre-ordered.

But lately most consumers prefer other brands of products, because prices are cheaper and have high specs, especially goods from China.

The Pocophone series was first introduced in India and immediately exploded enthusiasts sold more than 68 thousand units in less than five minutes. Shortly after its inaugural launch, the Pocophone finally began to introduce it in Indonesia.

“Most flagships are sold at high prices, so many people can’t afford them. Therefore, we want to provide a different solution for this industry so Pocophone focuses on innovation and affordable prices among the middle class” Said Alvin Tse Head of Pocophone Global at launch Pocophone F1 in Jakarta last week.

Pocophone F1 is also claimed to be a master of speed because it is equipped with a top-grade Qualcomm chipset, namely Snapdragon 845, 0nm FinFET, 2.8 GHz CPU which is claimed to be the fastest in its class.


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