Facebook launches Lasso, competitor application Tik Tok

BisaTau.com, San Francisco – Facebook recently released an application called lasso that allows users to make a short, fun video like when using the Tik Tok application, this application was designed to be able to compete with TikTok, a 15-second viral video application that recently joined Musical.ly.

Lasso is a new Facebook offer to find users among teenagers. In the 2018 survey, said half of teenagers who said they were still using Facebook, compared to 2014, when 71 percent of them used Facebook. This application was first reported under development at the end of October.

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The Lasso application, users can record themselves dancing and give music effects, similar to what is in the TikTok feature. This application also allows users to record short clips such as Application Vines. This application has been circulating on IOS and Android.

Reporting from Facebook on The Verge, 9 November 2018 “Lasso is a new application that aims to make short videos, comedy, beauty, fitness and much more. We are pleased with the potential that this application brings, and we will gather feedback from people and the best content maker “.

How to use Lasso is quite easy, users simply enter Instagram or create an account using Facebook. Users must authorize the application to allow access to the profile, photo and video page. After that is prepared, the user is free to open many short videos that are played automatically when you pass them.

The use of Hastag also applies to this application, and is clearly displayed at the bottom like on other social media, you can also filter the content with the tag you’re looking for. So far, users can share the Lasso video as Facebook Stories. with features to share it as upcoming stories instagram later.

Facebook is confident at the launch of Lasso, without an official statement on the site. Only on Twitter, Facebook product manager Andy Huang announced the launch of the application, and then Bowen Pan, product manager for Lasso in particular, tweeted about it.


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